What can I expect from a Fine Art Print?

If you are a collector, fine art prints are for you. They are Gisleé/Pigment printed on exclusive materials such as Hahnemühle photo paper, aluminium board or glass, produced in a very limited edition and are numbered and signed by the artist. The archival-safe paper and high-end pigment and printing method means the work of art will outlive you and your children if displayed properly.

Fine Art Prints also include a certificate of authenticity and a certificate from Hahnemühle when applicable.


What can I expect from an Art Poster?

Art Posters are made for the art enthusiast who loves quality but can't justify the price of a Fine Art Print. These are unsigned, unlimited open editions, printed with the same high-end, longevity oriented methods as the originals, but on a slightly thinner Hahnemühle 190g.

They shoud not be confused with the more common, run-of-the-mill, offset print posters. These are high quality works of art, without the collector oriented aspects.


I've seen a piece by Andreas Sundgren that I can't find on this website!

A lot of Andreas Sundgren's work is not published for print yet. If you have any special request of any of his work that is cannot be found here please contact andreas@andreassundgren.se with your request.


How do the editions work?

There is a new edition for the new work presented on Andreas Sundgren Fine Art Photography. The editions of the new work are now smaller than before.

All the work is numbered into a limited edition. If the edition is sold out, no new works will be produced with the purpose of selling of this edition.

Limited editions exist in three sizes, numbered and signed by the artist.

  • Large / edition of 7 (9) prints. + 1 AP
  • Medium / edition of 15 prints. + 1 AP
  • Small / edition of 49 prints. + 1 AP

When half of one edition of one specific image and size have been sold, it will be numbered in text, such as ( 4/7 Sold )

Andreas Sundgren reserves the right to make additional works of all his images that has sold out. Only in such a purpose that these works may be used for exhibitions.

What is AP?

In every edition there is + 1 AP (Artist Proof) print. One belongs to the photographer Andreas Sundgren.

How can I check for authenticity?

All the images that have been sold are been numbered and filed. They have been delivered with a stamped certificate including the edition and number, signed by the artist.

This will also be done for future work, but from 2020 the work is numbered and signed on the front of the print as well.

If a buyer of a previously sold work wants to get their print signed and numbered, Andreas Sundgren will be able to do so for free. The cost for delivery and reframing will be charged to the buyer. Please email the request to aquisitions@andreassundgren.se, and we will make this possible.


How are the Fine Art Prints priced?

Andreas Sundgren Fine Art Photography pricing is based on a step system where the first prints sold are cheaper and then increase in cost as fewer copies are left.

The start prices of the work may vary, but these are the guidelines on how the pricing works in general:

  • Large / edition of 7 prints. 1-3 base price / 4-5 higher price / 5-7 higher price. + 1 AP
  • Medium / edition of 15 prints. 1- 5 base price / 5 - 10 higher price / 11- 14 higher price / 15 higher price. + 1 AP
  • Small / edition of 49 prints. 1 - 20 base price / 21 - 40 higher price / 41 - 48 higher price / 49 higher price. + 1 AP

All prices are with Swedish 25% VAT. If you are buying and shipping to a non EU country, 25% VAT can be taken off your order.


I have another question!

If you have any other questions you need answered, please feel free to contact aquisitions@andreassundgren.se